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A Comprehensive Way To Improve Health And Athletic Performance

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In our bestseller book From Healthy to Athletic: How to Master the 4 Ingredients to Superior Fitness we first introduced our method of the 4 legs of fitness. This is a comprehensive method that is based on science and covers the main areas necessary to improve health and fitness: 

  1. Resistance training
  2. Cardio
  3. Nutrition
  4. Recovery

Introducing the 4 Legs Fitness Online Program

We now go one step further and implemented this method as an easy to follow health and fitness program. Everything is science based, which makes this program credible and effective. But the science can sometimes be too abstract or unrealistic to execute. With our program we wanted to break that down and make it easier to improve health and fitness following the 4 Legs Fitness method. 

In our recent article about the Revolution In The Fitness Industry, we discussed that there is a lot of misinformation in the fitness industry. Also, often things are made unnecessarily complicated. There are, however, a couple of key principles you should follow and you will see results. We list the principles below, for more details please refer to our previous article:

  • Know your goal
  • Stay consistent
  • Understand your nutritional needs
  • Progress by overloading
  • Increase your daily energy expenditure
  • Work hard and prioritize your health and fitness
  • Measure your progress
  • Make it work for you

Of course, this is all easier said than done. And nothing valuable comes easy. That is especially true for health and fitness. But health as our most important good. That is exactly why we created our guided 4 Legs Fitness health and fitness program

As part of this program you can choose between three plans each with different levels of personal guidance and check-ins:

  1. BASIC

All plans integrate the principles of the 4 legs of fitness into one easy-to-follow approach. 

Launch Date: November 22, 2019.

We are proud to announce that we successfully launched our program on November 22, 2019. The program offers a very solid foundation to build your health and fitness including:

  • Detailed Goal Assessment
  • Status-quo Analysis
  • Customized Strength, Cardio, Nutrition & Recovery Plans (incl. Videos)
  • Workout Plans and Nutrition Goals (Including TDEE and Macro Splits)
  • Access via Web or Mobile App


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