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Superfruits: The Benefits of Kiwis

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Superfruits: The Benefits of Kiwis

Many fruits are considered "superfruits" or "superfoods." In many cases this is more click bait or a sales trick. However, there is one fruit that apparently really seems to standout: Kiwis. Jeff Nippard was one of the first who described this in his excellent Youtube video. In this article I describe the many health benefits of kiwis. Read more about Jeff in my article a Revolution In The Fitness Industry.

What Are the Benefits of Kiwis?

Kiwis offer a very wide range of health benefits including anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics, boosting the immune system, improving blood pressure, helping digestion, reducing blood clotting and protection against vision loss. 

    The article on Medical News Today adds better sleep, healthy skin, increased heart health and reduction of loss of muscle mass to the list of Kiwi benefits.

    Fitness Benefits of Eating Kiwi

    In my model of the 4 Legs of Fitness, which is the basis of everything I do and programs I offer, I present health and fitness as a very comprehensive concept. It takes into account many different aspects including exercise, nutrition, sleep and general happiness. Kiwis can contribute to various of these areas.  

    Eating Kiwi for Happiness

    Kiwi has one of the highest levels of serotonin (about 5.8 µg/g weight). Other foods high in serotonin include banana, tomato, pineapple, walnut and plum. Serotonin is an important chemical and neurotransmitter in our human body, which helps regulate sleep, mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, and sexual desire. No surprise that serotonin is also often referred to as the happiness hormone.

    Eating Kiwi For Better Sleep

    benefits of kiwis

    The nutrient composition of the kiwi fruit (see below) seems to significantly improve sleep quality. Researcher assume that this is mainly due to its high serotonin and antioxidant levels. In a study they could show that after four weeks of consuming two kiwis one hour before going to bed sleep onset, duration, and quality improved.

    Eating Kiwi Before Workout  

    A kiwi can serve as a perfect quick pre-workout snack. It will fill you up with lots of vitamins and minerals. A kiwi is especially rich in vitamin C. One kiwi contains about 90 mg of vitamin C, which is the recommended daily intake. It is know for its anti-fatigue effect and assists in the formation of collagen, which is the main protein that provides structure to our bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments. These are all properties we want to leverage in an active lifestyle.

    Eating Kiwi After Workout

    The kiwi fruit is also rich in potassium. Potassium is a mineral that mainly helps regulate fluid balance and muscle contractions. If you are low on potassium you may suffer from muscle cramps or pain, stiffness or fatigue. 

    Makes only sense to avoid that. How? Eat a kiwi after workout: just plain or add it to a post-workout protein shake. It will help you for faster recovery.

    Kiwi Fruit Nutrition Facts kiwi health fitness training

    Kiwis are one of the most nutrient-rich super fruits in the world. 100g of kiwi has about 60 calories.

    Other nutrition facts:

    • 0.5g total fats
    • 1.1g proteins
    • 15g carbohydrates (of which 3g fibers, 9g sugars)
    • 312mg potassium
    • 34mg calcium
    • 0.31mg iron

    A kiwi contains about 83% water. Vitamin C in a 100g kiwi represents 112% of recommended daily value (DV), vitamin K 38% DV and vitamin E 10% DV.  

    Pro Tip 1: The Kiwi Skin Is a Nutrition Powerhouse

    Especially the skin of the kiwi is super rich in nutrients. It contains a high concentration of vitamins C and E, antioxidants, folate and especially fibers. Some people may find it unpleasant but it's harmless. Just wash it.

    Pro Tip 2: Sweeten Your Day With a Chia Kiwi Pudding

    I love chia seeds. They are rich in protein, omega 3 and fibers. Chia pudding is incredibly easy to make. Just add the chia seeds to your milk of choice. I use unsweetened almond milk.

    The ratio is important: mix 2 tablespoon chia seeds with 120ml of milk. Optionally add a sweetener of choice. I like a bit of agave syrup but could also be honey. You could also add protein powder. Mix well and then put it into the fridge and leave it there for at least three hours.

    Later take it out, cut a kiwi into pieces and add it on top. Other toppings you could add include mango, berries, nuts or coconut flakes. 

    Voilà !

    The Benefits of Kiwis Makes It a True Superfruit and a Must For Fitness

    Apart from the fact that a kiwi is just a very refreshing and nice tasting food it has lots of benefits for health and fitness. It's main features are its high levels of serotonin, potassium and vitamin C. As a consequence it can contribute to our happiness, sleep quality and is an excellent pre- and post workout snack that will help us recover better. Really nothing speaks against including kiwis into your diet and have one or two a day. 


    I hope you found this post helpful. Are you up for a challenge? 

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