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How to feel fit, healthy, and pain-free in all stages of your life without another silly gym routine

Welcome to the Build Bullet-Proof Health Online Fitness Program!

A proven program to get in the best shape of your life and keep it. Forever.
Even if you hate gyms and have no time.

Our bodies are complex. Health is complex. To achieve and keep good health we need to work on a range of parameters. But with 1000s of programs, opinions, and diets on the internet, it's overwhelming to find what's right for you.

For the last 10 years, I have been researching and experimenting with many aspects of health and fitness.

Before that I was struggling. I went down the career path (IT Sales) that was mainly sedentary and paired with a lot of stress, traveling, lack of sleep, no time for food, crap food, and alcohol. 

I was young, in my late 20s. But I felt energy less, often grumpy, could not sleep well, was just working all the time, didn't like how my body looked, and generally started to become unhappy.

I decided to have to change this. We only have one life and we should live that as happily as possible. So, I started to look into health and fitness. I did the reading and immediately put knowledge into action. So, I noticed quite quickly what works and what doesn't. 

To excel in my many sports projects, I wanted to learn what fitness is. I wanted to optimize my own life to become fitter, healthier, and happier. I wanted to find ways to incorporate habits into my life that make it easy to pursue a fitness-oriented lifestyle without being a full-time sports professional.

The more I read, researched, and experimented, the more it became clear that fitness and health are a lot more than just sweating hard during a gym workout.

The Conclusion?

Health is complex. We can only improve health with a holistic approach that takes into account 4 key aspects: strength, endurance, nutrition, and recovery.

The 4 Legs of Fitness concept was born.

Everybody Knows This Scenario

You join a gym with best intentions of losing weight and toning. But after 4 weeks max it’s getting boring. You don’t really see results. You don’t like the people or the smell in the gym. You stop going.

No health improvement achieved.

Or you get ads on Instagram talking about the newest 30-day diets promising unique results. Like magic. Keto anyone? You try that. Either it’s too different and weird that you stop after 5 days. Or you complete the diet. In fact, do lose weight. But after a week you are back at or above your original weight.

No health improvement achieved.

Or you are struggling to understand what is now better: cardio or weight training? If cardio, what type of cardio? Running? HIIT? If weight training what’s the best exercise? How many reps? How often per week? And… what for in the first place?

No health improvement achieved.

I had exactly all of those problems.

With the concept of the 4 Legs of Fitness, I want to help you find a lifestyle that promotes good health so that you can enjoy all the other beauties.

To achieve this, it must be simple. No researching, no thinking, no guessing necessary. Just follow a perfectly laid out program.

What Does Life Look Like When These Problems Are Solved?

How would you feel about an easy-to-follow program that balances the 4 key aspects of fitness according to your goals?

The benefits of such a program are:

  1. No guessing: you save time.
  2. No quitting: you will get healthier.
  3. No faffing around: you know exactly what to do when.
  4. No yoyo: you form habits for long-term health.

No guessing.

We prepare a health program for you that includes an optimal combination of strength, endurance, nutrition and recovery elements.

No quitting.

You will get healthier. This program is not a quick fix. We change habits so that it's easy to sustainably follow a healthy lifestyle.

No faffing around.

The structure of our videos and health tips make it crystal-clear what to do when.

No yoyo.

You form habits for long-term health. You will benefit from the program long after you finished.


Introducing The Build Bullet-Proof Health Program

In the Build Bullet-Proof Health program you get:  

  • A detailed assessment of your goals and your current status-quo
  • An analysis of your calorie need and the ideal macro split (proteins, carbs, fats) for your goal
  • A plan that integrates strength, cardio, nutrition and recovery
  • Coaching to form healthy habits ("Weekly Improvement Moments W.I.M.s")
  • All plans are accessible via Web or Mobile App, including exercise videos

You can join the Basic plan or the Premium plan:


You can subscribe to either plan monthly or annually. You can cancel anytime.


Act Now And Get An Amazing Bonus  

If you join now, I offer the first 10 subscribers these 2 bonuses: 

1. Motivation Checklist

Motivation is your friend. We created an incredibly simple checklist to get your motivation back on track. This list includes simple tactics that you can include in your life today. These tactics cover all aspects of health such as exercising, cooking and eating, sleep and recovery.

2. One-on-One Habit Coaching

We want you to succeed on your health journey long after the Build Bullet-Proof Health Program. Basically forever. A habit is something that you do automatically without thinking. The good news is: habits can be formed for anything. We offer a 1h habit coaching to show you exactly how this is done.


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Here Is My Guarantee

If you have downloaded and used the app but you are still not happy within the first week, we’ll refund everything. No questions asked.


Client Success Stories

Build bullet-proof health program testimonial

The model that’s used for the Build Bullet-Proof Health program is also published in the best-selling book: From Healthy to Athletic: How to Master the 4 Ingredients to Superior Fitness.


More Testimonials From Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to see results?
    Every person reacts differently and results are not linear. If you accurately stick to the program you will see first results quickly (after 2 weeks). Then the body adapts and progress will slow down a bit. Body recomposition happens. Depending on your goal, you will lose fat and you will gain muscle. Most noticeable changes typically happen after 3 months of sticking to the program. 
  • What if it doesn’t work for me?
    Build Bullet-Proof Health follows some general health and fitness principles. These generally work, if you stick to the program. Some people may see results faster, some slower (based on genetics and other life circumstances). If you are really not happy, we have a refund policy (see below).
  • I’ve seen similar stuff in the past—what makes this different?
    Build Bullet-Proof Health combines the 4 key aspects of fitness (strength, cardio, nutrition, recovery) into one program that’s easy to follow. In addition, the program helps to form life-long health habits.
  • Will it be a good fit for me?
    Build Bullet-Proof Health offers a range of different goals you can choose from. Especially the health and nutrition habits are general but effective. These will help you. If not, check out our refund policy.
  • Can I consume your program via an app?
    Yes. Build Bullet-Proof Health can be accessed via an iPhone or Android app. Alternatively, you can simply consume the program via a standard browser. You will get access to all of this after you purchased one of our plans. 
  • What’s your refund policy?
    If you have downloaded and used the app but you are still not happy within the first week, we’ll refund everything. No questions asked. 
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    All Build Bullet-Proof Health plans are subscription-based. You can either choose a monthly or annual plan. You can cancel anytime.  
  • Can I talk to a coach (a real person) during the program?
    You can contact a real person coach via messages. The Premium plan also includes monthly check-in video calls with a coach.
  • How does the onboarding work?
    After you purchased one of our plans, you would go through a questionnaire that helps us to understand what your goals, experiences, and circumstances are. Based on that the program is adapted. Then your account is created and you’ll get access to the online platform and the mobile app.  

Act Now! Take Your Health And Well-Being Into Your Own Hands

Build Bullet-Proof Health is an easy-to-follow program that balances the 4 key aspects of fitness according to your goals.

The benefits are:

  1. No guessing: you save time.
  2. No quitting: you will get healthier.
  3. No faffing around: you know exactly what to do when.
  4. No yoyo: you form habits for long-term health.


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