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Introducing: The Complete Climber Camp

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climbing fitness nutrition training crag rats barcelona spain

We are teaming up with the Barcelona-based climbing experts Crag Rats to offer a unique experience: The Complete Climber Camp

The objective of our camp is to make our participants stronger in mind and body, to learn how to become rock climbing warriors and reach levels they never thought possible. 

The Complete Climber Camp

Not only will we help you reach your personal climbing goals but we will teach you everything we know about:

  • Nutrition
  • Strength and endurance
  • Technique and agility
  • Mental ability to overcome fear

We will give you the tools to carry on becoming better and better for the rest of your days.


The Concept Behind The Complete Climber Camp

Our vision of this joint camp between Crag Rats Barcelona and 4 Legs Fitness is to provide participants a comprehensive fitness concept tailored at climbing.

We not only cover effective goal setting and achieving techniques but also creating nutrition plans and training programs aligned with the participants' individual goals. This will provide the solid, general basis for health and fitness. 

On top, we will show and teach climbing techniques that will help every participant to improve their climbing game and advance to their next level. These topics include, for example, lead climbing, overhang, advanced belaying, multi-pitch climbing, top rope soloing, self rescue, trad climbing, etc.

A critical aspect is the right mindset for a successful and safe climber. We will cover also aspects regarding the right mentality, overcoming fear and the power of breathing techniques.  

The Location: Arbolí, Tarragona

climbing fitness nutrition training crag rats barcelona spain

We will run the camp in the famous sectors of Siurana and Margalef which have been popularized by some of the best climbers in the world. The area also holds some hidden gems for more mortal climbers with sectors like Arbolí. There is a lifetimes worth of climbing here for every level of climber and some of the most inspirational lines we have ever seen.

We will be staying in the traditional Catalan mountain village of Arbolí. This gorgeous place is surrounded by nature and is home to a climber's refuge run by the locals: El Refugi d'Arbolí. It is here that we will be filling our stomachs each evening and resting our heads each night.

The Camp Timetable

Find below a preliminary overview over the main elements that we plan for the Camp. Changes can occur as we want to adapt the program to the participant's abilities and preferences.

climbing fitness nutrition training crag rats barcelona spain

We will start the camp with discussing and setting your goals -- for the camp and beyond. Then each camp day is planned to give you the perfect balance between theory and practice covering climbing, nutrition and climbing specific fitness. We aim to maximize your time on the rock while giving you the tools you need to reach your next level. These tools will serve you for the rest of your life. 


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