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About 4 Legs Fitness

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4legsfitness spartanI founded 4 Legs Fitness because I want to share what I learned about fitness and what works.

For the last several years I have been researching and experimenting with many aspects of fitness. I wanted to learn what fitness is. I wanted to optimize my life to become fitter, healthier and also more athletic. I wanted to find ways to incorporate habits into my life that make it easy to pursue a fitness-oriented lifestyle without being a full-time sports professional.

The more I read, researched and experimented, the more it became clear that fitness and health is not just about exercise. There are the four main areas that we actively need to take care of: resistance training, cardio, nutrition and recovery.

The 4 Legs Fitness concept was born.

I find our bodies fascinating and I find it fascinating how we can influence our bodies if we set the right measures. I figured that what’s useful for me, may be useful for others, too. That’s why I started to make 4 Legs Fitness available to everyone via the website and the best selling book From Healthy to Athletic: How to Master the 4 Ingredients to Superior Fitness.

I am actually not a fitness industry native. I am very successful in selling enterprise software solutions as my main job with an MBA and PhD in Computer Science. But my passion is and always has been fitness and sports. All my life I have been engaged in sports and I reached at least intermediary level in the following: (beach) volleyball, tennis, basketball, snowboarding, skiing, thai boxing, wing chun kung fu, alpinism, running, crossfit, powerlifting, or archery.

In addition I completed a wide range of activities and courses including: several Spartan races, Legion races and other obstacle races, several sailing regattas, full marathon and half-marathon, Wing Chun practitioner certification, Thai boxing in Thailand, ascent of Grossglockner (Austria’s highest peak), ascent of Mont Blanc du Tacul (Chamonix, France), several ice climbing and glacier courses, Krav Maga courses, knife fighting courses, Kali stick fighting courses, Ghost fighting, Enduro offroad motorbike courses, Kettlebell courses, or the Heracles competition at the Arnold Classics.

I am certified Kettlebell instructor, certified Sports and Exercise Nutrition coach by Precision Nutrition, and currently preparing for the Functional Movement Screen certification.

I keep on pursuing my mission to provide practical, actionable fitness advice for people with busy lives.

And now, go out and embark on your journey to
fitness, health and satisfaction. Precision Nutrition certified sports and exercise nutrition coach

//Manfred Bortenschlager

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