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Health and Fitness Articles

Why Is it Often Easier To Start a Fitness Program Than it Is To Maintain One?

why is it often easier to start a fitness program than it is to maintain one?: Woman exercising at home while watching a video on her laptop
You’re so ready to get in shape and hit your workout goals — then the motivation disappears. Why does this happen? Learn some common reasons why it’s easier to start a fitness program and harder to stay with it, and get tips for finally staying on track.

How Much Vitamin D Do You Need?

How Much Vitamin D Do You Need?
Vitamin D is essential for a strong immune system. Scientific evidence shows that Vitamin D reduces Covid-19 infections, and deaths. This article gives answers to how much vitamin D do you need, the best sources, the risk of deficiencies, how to supplement vitamin D, and its role in combating the coronavirus.

Bone Broth for Weight Loss: The Surprising Drink Missing From Your Fitness Routine

Bone broth for weight loss: Woman holding a mug
Whether you're a CrossFit competitor, yogi, or regular weekend warrior, you could see results from combining your athletic training with bone broth. Learn how supplementing workouts with bone broth could help you with weight loss and a host of other benefits.

Why Aerobic Capacity Matters and How To Measure It

aerobic capacity: woman jogging outside
Your aerobic capacity is the best way to track improvements in cardio fitness. In this article, I explain what aerobic capacity is, how it's calculated, and why it's an important measurement for any athlete.

Take a Step Back: Avoid Injuries Due To Overuse or Overtraining

when do overuse or overtraining injuries occur?: man stretching his legs outside
Avoid the temptation and danger of overtraining and overuse by focusing on recovery and ensuring your fitness plan is balanced. Learn how fitness experts steer clear of injuries occurring by eating a balanced diet, leveraging cross-training, using smart fitness trackers, and leaning into active recovery.

6 Stretches for Knee Pain: Why Tight Quads Are the Real Culprit

Woman doing a runner's lunge as part of her stretches for knee pain
Knee pain has a number of root causes — tight hamstrings, glutes, hip muscles, calves, and especially quadriceps. Learn why stretching the muscles surrounding your knee can help relieve it, and get ideas for stretches that lead to less painful knees.

How To Use the Right Types of Deadlifts for Best Results

Types of deadlifts: Man lifting a barbell
Learn why everybody should do some type of deadlift in their exercise routine. I will present different deadlift variations and their characteristics, go over some errors to avoid injury, and highlight some helpful training equipment.

Eat To Heal Chronic Injuries With Nutrition for Tendons and Ligaments

Woman picks herbs while making a smoothie
If you are nursing an injury or ever experience post-workout soreness, help your body heal and recover with the proper nutrition for tendons and ligaments.