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The Surprising Health Benefits of a Cold Shower After Workouts

Woman takes a cold shower after workout
Cold exposure is a recovery technique where athletes expose themselves to cold temperatures, either through the use of ice packs, ice baths, cold showers, or cryotherapy. Research shows that regular, acute cold exposure can help reduce muscle soreness, inflammation, pain, and recovery times.

12 of the Best Foods With Electrolytes

Woman running thinks about foods with electrolytes
You should always aim to maintain a balanced diet, and consume foods with electrolytes. However, sometimes food alone isn't enough to keep your electrolyte levels in a healthy balance. Electrolytes are minerals that conduct electricity when mixed with water. Your body needs electrolytes in order to survive.

Does Exercise Lower Blood Sugar? Here’s What Science Says

woman does home workout to see does exercise lower blood sugar
During exercise, your muscles take sugar away from your blood to use it for energy. With less sugar in your bloodstream, your blood sugar lowers. If you monitor your blood sugar levels, you will approach exercise differently than friends who never give their blood sugar a second thought.

The 3-Day Bodyweight Workout Plan (It’s a Lot Harder Than You Think)

Couple completes bodyweight workout plan
On any given day, you may only have 45 minutes to an hour to work out. Commuting to a gym, finding parking, changing in the locker room, and stacking weights onto a barbell adds up to time you don't have. That’s why bodyweight workout plans are my preferred form of exercise.

What Are Nootropics? Do They Really Work?

What Are Nootropics? Do They Really Work?
Remember the magic pill from the movie "Limitless"? It enabled Bradley Cooper to enhance his brain capacity to achieve whatever he wanted. Nootropics are in the real world what comes closest to this. In this article we cover all the questions about nootropics for health and fitness: What are nootropics? Do nootropics work? What are the benefits? What are the best nootropics? How to take them and how not to take them?

Goals are for Losers: How to Use System Thinking to Improve Fitness

How to Use System Thinking to improve Fitness
Based on my collaboration with top nutrition provider GoPrimal, I published a guest post on their blog. Below is a short summary. If you are interested check out the whole piece.

How To Use Our Home Exercise Program

How To Use Our Home Exercise Program
In this article we describe the benefits of our home exercise program QuarantineFit.Life, how to use the app and how to get access to it. We also provide a range of easy to consume videos to understand what the app is about.

3 Of The Best Bodyweight Workout Exercises To Do In Quarantine

3 Of The Best Bodyweight Workout Exercises To Do In Quarantine
In this article we describe 3 top bodyweight exercises that should be part of every home workout plan: push ups, squats and single leg bridges. We cover the benefits and how to do them.