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Health and Fitness Articles

A Review of the Best Shoulder Exercises To Get Rid of Calcific Tendonitis

calcific tendonitis shoulder exercises: middle aged man with a raised hand
If you’re experiencing intense shoulder pain from calcific tendonitis, these shoulder exercises and holistic health practices will help you recover faster.

Why Coffee Before Workouts Is Even Better Than a Pre-Workout Shake

coffee before workout: woman wearing sports attire and holding a cup of coffee
Is it possible that coffee before a workout could actually be more effective than a pre-workout shake? Learn about the hidden benefits in your morning mug, and see why sipping a cup of joe before you hit the gym might do wonders for your performance.

16 Habits of Health To Keep the Weight off — for Life

habits of health: woman doing yoga
To maintain your newfound weight loss, energy levels, and physique, it's important to build habits of health. Strategic healthy habits can prevent weight gain and keep you physically active for the rest of your life.

Cardio After Leg Day: Why You Should Never Spend the Next Day on the Couch

cardio after leg day: woman running
Here’s what to do after leg day, according to your goals. We’ll give dynamic suggestions for cardio after leg day for both those focused on endurance and those focused on strength.

How Long Does It Take To Get Into Shape? 7 Strategies To Meet Your Goal

how long does it take to get into shape: Woman doing online workout in front of her laptop
Dying to get into shape, and fast? There are many factors to keep in mind as you look toward your goal. I describe how long it takes to get in shape, lifestyle changes required to see a difference in your body, and the average timeline for a variety of goals.

7 Strategies To Fight CNS Fatigue (Yes, Laying on the Couch Is One of Them)

CNS fatigue: Tired woman resting on workout equipment
The burnout you feel in your workouts could be a clear indicator of a much larger problem. I explain what CNS fatigue is, what causes it, and the secret to overcoming CNS fatigue in your workout routine.

How Is Your Health Related To Fitness?

health related fitness: man planking outside
Want to get better at your sport or have more energy to enjoy life? We'll show you how to implement 11 components of health-related fitness to build your foundation and make this happen.

How Long Does Your Body Need To Rest Between Muscle Training Workouts?

how long does your body need to rest between muscle training workouts?: girl laying down with weights on the floor
Dive into the logistics of rest and recovery — it could be the missing piece in your progress. I'll explain why rest days are a vital component of your training, and the amount of time I recommend to recover from your muscle training workouts.