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The Beginner’s Guide to Squats: What Muscles Do Squats Work and How to Prepare Yourself

The Beginner’s Guide to Squats: What Muscles Do Squats Work and How to Prepare Yourself

In my Beginner’s Guide to Squats I cover what muscles squats work, how to prepare yourself for squatting, different variations and most importantly the benefits. I finish up with a neat little challenge (Sally). 

Mind, Body, and Soul: Why Working Out Can Change Your Life

mind body and soul: two people stretching outdoors
Exercise has more than just physical benefits. Learn all about the link between mind, body, and soul, and how to strengthen the connection.

Why Balance Matters and How a Balance Board Can Help You Get There 

woman taking a video while using a balance board
Learn why balance is important and why so many trainers use balance boards, eight exercises you can do with one, and the seven best balance boards you can buy.

Demystifying Pole Fitness: One of the Most Effective Ways to Exercise

pole fitness: woman smiling while pole dancing
What comes to mind when you think about pole dance? Right. It has a certain "image" — more on this in a minute. But today, we’ll take a detailed look under the hood, and show you that pole fitness is one of the most effective ways to train multiple skills simultaneously.

The Long-Term Effects of Exercise No One’s Talking About

long term effects of exercise: two women resting after a workout
Exercise is amazing for weight management, blood pressure, and pain. But one long-term effect of exercise is rarely mentioned: happiness. Learn the science behind it here.

Metabolic Training: The Fast Workout That Actually Fits Your Schedule

metabolic training: a woman working out at the gym
When you carve out time to exercise, you want to get the most out of that time — which is where metabolic training comes in. Learn how to do it here.

Why Coffee Before Workouts Is Even Better Than a Pre-Workout Shake

coffee before workout: woman wearing sports attire and holding a cup of coffee
Is it possible that coffee before a workout could actually be more effective than a pre-workout shake? Learn about the hidden benefits in your morning mug, and see why sipping a cup of joe before you hit the gym might do wonders for your performance.

16 Habits of Health To Keep the Weight off — for Life

habits of health: woman doing yoga
To maintain your newfound weight loss, energy levels, and physique, it's important to build habits of health. Strategic healthy habits can prevent weight gain and keep you physically active for the rest of your life.