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Health and Fitness Articles

Why Aerobic Capacity Matters and How To Measure It

aerobic capacity: woman jogging outside
Your aerobic capacity is the best way to track improvements in cardio fitness. In this article, I explain what aerobic capacity is, how it's calculated, and why it's an important measurement for any athlete.

6 Stretches for Knee Pain: Why Tight Quads Are the Real Culprit

Woman doing a runner's lunge as part of her stretches for knee pain
Knee pain has a number of root causes — tight hamstrings, glutes, hip muscles, calves, and especially quadriceps. Learn why stretching the muscles surrounding your knee can help relieve it, and get ideas for stretches that lead to less painful knees.

How To Use the Right Types of Deadlifts for Best Results

Types of deadlifts: Man lifting a barbell
Learn why everybody should do some type of deadlift in their exercise routine. I will present different deadlift variations and their characteristics, go over some errors to avoid injury, and highlight some helpful training equipment.

Upper Body Workout at Home (No Fancy Equipment Necessary)

Woman doing an upper body workout at home
You can squeeze in this effective upper body workout at home, over the lunch hour, or while traveling. All you need is some resistance bands. We’ll walk you through each move in this strength-focused workout plan.

Superset To Save Time: The Efficient Chest and Back Workout

Woman doing a chest and back workout
Ready for a toned upper body that you can build on your lunch break? These chest and back workouts build upper body strength while giving you time back in your day.

Resistance Band Squats 3 Ways: Work Your Glutes, Hamstrings, and Quads

Woman doing resistance band squats
These three resistance band squats can be modified for different fitness levels and can be added to your full-body and cardio workouts. Keep these tips in mind.

6 Deltoid Exercises To Build Stronger Shoulders

6 Deltoid Exercises To Build Stronger Shoulders
In order to get the most from your deltoid exercises, you need to work this muscle from every angle, strengthening your front, middle, and rear deltoids. I’ll walk you through various exercises to help you build all-around stronger deltoids.

Lunges vs. Squats: Which Exercise Wins on Leg Day? 

lunges vs squats: Woman doing lunges at the gym
In the battle of lunges vs. squats, there’s no clear winner. Both provide different benefits and both should be part of your routine. Here’s a look at the effects of each and how to use and modify them in your workouts.