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How Much Vitamin D Do You Need?

How Much Vitamin D Do You Need?
Vitamin D is essential for a strong immune system. Scientific evidence shows that Vitamin D reduces Covid-19 infections, and deaths. This article gives answers to how much vitamin D do you need, the best sources, the risk of deficiencies, how to supplement vitamin D, and its role in combating the coronavirus.

Bone Broth for Weight Loss: The Surprising Drink Missing From Your Fitness Routine

Bone broth for weight loss: Woman holding a mug
Whether you're a CrossFit competitor, yogi, or regular weekend warrior, you could see results from combining your athletic training with bone broth. Learn how supplementing workouts with bone broth could help you with weight loss and a host of other benefits.

Eat To Heal Chronic Injuries With Nutrition for Tendons and Ligaments

Woman picks herbs while making a smoothie
If you are nursing an injury or ever experience post-workout soreness, help your body heal and recover with the proper nutrition for tendons and ligaments.

How To Stop Eating Junk Food and Feel Much Better

how to stop eating junk food: Woman holding broccoli and donut
Get 17 actionable tips on how to stop eating junk food from a certified sports and exercise nutritionist. These principles will help you break your harmful eating habits and journey toward healthy living.

6 Recovery Supplements Missing From Your Fitness Routine

6 Recovery Supplements Missing From Your Fitness Routine
These recovery supplements help repair and rebuild your muscles when other techniques just aren't enough (or when you simply can't stand another minute of foam rolling).

What Is Body Composition and Is It More Accurate Than BMI?

what is body composition: weighing scale
Bodyweight, body fat, BMI — what's the difference? If you don't have accurate measurements, it can prove very difficult to reach your health goals. In this post, I answer the question, "What is body composition?" and explain why it provides a more accurate depiction of your health than other measurements.

5 Meal Planning Ideas To Get Your Weekends Back

meal planning ideas: Man preparing meal on top of table
Meal planning doesn’t have to suck. Like any new skill, learning to devise a healthy meal plan will take practice — but don't get discouraged! Try these effective and easy meal planning ideas to reach your nutrition goals. We’ll include tangible steps that won’t have you stuck in the kitchen for hours on Sundays.

“When Should I Go To Bed?” And Other Sleep Questions Answered

Woman thinking when should i go to bed
If you're constantly feeling groggy, you need to adjust your sleep schedule. If you ever asked yourself the question, "When should I go to bed?" keep reading. I explain how many hours of sleep you should get, how your circadian rhythms play into a good night's rest, and the health benefits of adhering to a set bedtime.