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Health and Fitness Articles

Why Aerobic Capacity Matters and How To Measure It

aerobic capacity: woman jogging outside
Your aerobic capacity is the best way to track improvements in cardio fitness. In this article, I explain what aerobic capacity is, how it's calculated, and why it's an important measurement for any athlete.

How To Use the Right Types of Deadlifts for Best Results

Types of deadlifts: Man lifting a barbell
Learn why everybody should do some type of deadlift in their exercise routine. I will present different deadlift variations and their characteristics, go over some errors to avoid injury, and highlight some helpful training equipment.

Lunges vs. Squats: Which Exercise Wins on Leg Day? 

lunges vs squats: Woman doing lunges at the gym
In the battle of lunges vs. squats, there’s no clear winner. Both provide different benefits and both should be part of your routine. Here’s a look at the effects of each and how to use and modify them in your workouts.

How To Perform Sissy Squats, Plus 3 Variations

Woman doing sissy squats
No, sissy squats don’t have anything to do with poor form. Learn all about this incredibly tough leg exercise with tutorials on how to do the basic sissy squat plus three creative variations to make it easier or harder.

How To Create a Health and Fitness Plan That Delivers Results

fitness plan: red weights on the floor
Get practical tips for crafting a fitness plan for yourself or even for use with your own clients. Learn about a new course where we teach all the details of the various aspects of a holistic fitness concept and cover theory as well as putting this knowledge into action.

5 Ways To Make Air Squats More Challenging (Without Adding Weight)

Woman doing air squats in the park
Air squats may just be one of the most popular and efficient exercises in fitness. Learn why air squats are a favorite exercise of so many trainers. Plus, you'll see how to tweak a simple air squat to make it harder.

Hindu Squats: The Bodyweight Move That Tests Your Glutes, Quads, and Hamstrings

Woman doing Hindu squats
Learn how to do a unique squat exercise: the Hindu squat. Like other types of squats, Hindu squats challenge your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and core — all in one movement. Plus, you don't need any fancy gym equipment or a great deal of space to perform them.

The Secret To Athletic Performance: A Strong Posterior Chain

Posterior chain exercises: Woman showing back muscles
One of the most effective ways to improve athletic performance is to build a strong posterior chain. Learn what it is, why it’s important, how you can improve posterior chain mobility, and most importantly how to strengthen it.