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What You Need to Remember for Working Out in the New Normal

What You Need to Remember for Working Out in the New Normal

One of the most missed pre-pandemic activities was working out. Thankfully, with restrictions easing up, public parks and fitness centers are slowly accepting more people back in. In this article, I go over what you need to remember for working out in the New Normal. I discuss eight ways to get back into shape and form effective routines including group classes, coaches, nutrition, new essentials, and sleep.

Why Balance Matters and How a Balance Board Can Help You Get There 

woman taking a video while using a balance board
Learn why balance is important and why so many trainers use balance boards, eight exercises you can do with one, and the seven best balance boards you can buy.

7 Tips for Your First Time Deep Water Soloing

deep-water soloing: People doing outdoor activities
Get five cornerstone climbing principles and seven practical tips for your first time deep water soloing. This helpful guide will give you confidence on your climb.

Metabolic Training: The Fast Workout That Actually Fits Your Schedule

metabolic training: a woman working out at the gym
When you carve out time to exercise, you want to get the most out of that time — which is where metabolic training comes in. Learn how to do it here.

Wim Hof Method Reviewed: Breathwork and Cold Exposure’s Impact on Health

Wim Hof Method review: a man standing on an icy lake
This Wim Hof Method review will show you how to follow the famed breathing technique as well as other related breathwork methods. Plus, learn how effective it actually is.

What We Can Learn About Life From Ice Climbing

ice climbing: man on top of the Alps
If you’ve been wanting to try ice climbing, these guiding principles and life lessons will set you up for your first challenging climb up vertical frozen water.

16 Habits of Health To Keep the Weight off — for Life

habits of health: woman doing yoga
To maintain your newfound weight loss, energy levels, and physique, it's important to build habits of health. Strategic healthy habits can prevent weight gain and keep you physically active for the rest of your life.

Cardio After Leg Day: Why You Should Never Spend the Next Day on the Couch

cardio after leg day: woman running
Here’s what to do after leg day, according to your goals. We’ll give dynamic suggestions for cardio after leg day for both those focused on endurance and those focused on strength.