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Major Benefits of Custom Orthotics You Should Know

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Major Benefits of Custom Orthotics You Should Know

Your feet are a major component of your body, your movement, and even your health. There are so many bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments that are inside of the feet. This makes them highly complex structures that will help to support the whole weight of your body. If the foot alignment is off, then it can affect your mobility and can harm the joints in the body. 

In this article, I will introduce  orthotics. Custom orthotics are a type of medical device that are worn inside the shoes for the correction of the foot alignment. They are offering a good deal of benefits. Let’s take a look. 

More Support to Your Feet

Custom orthotics are designed specifically to provide the right support that your feet need. They can help add some support to the arches, giving you the stability that is necessary while you stand and walk. Unlike some of the over the counter options you can choose, custom orthotics will fit the structure of the feet, giving better support than before. 

There are so many ways that the support from custom orthotics are helping your feet. They can correct the misalignment in the foot, help out with some of the foot abnormalities, like high arches and collapsed arches, and can make the pain go away when you need to walk around too. If your feet need specialized support, custom orthotics can help. 

Custom orthotic are designed to work specifically with your own foot. When you decide to get one, you will need to get a mold done and your doctor will do a complete exam of the foot to figure out where your pressure points are located. The orthotic will then be designed based off this information, ensuring that you get a medical device that works for your foot issues. 

Reduction of Pain

Major Benefits of Custom Orthotics You Should Know

Misalignment that happens in the feet can travel up the body and start to cause some problems with the other joints of the body. This can cause a number of conditions, including arthritis and plantar fasciitis in the feet. These conditions are going to manifest in the form of pain and the person dealing with them can be very uncomfortable. 

When your foot doesn’t align properly, it will then travel up and cause issues in the rest of the body. This is often enough to produce stress on the ankles, the knees, and in the lower back. The body will try to fix the misalignment as much as possible. But when it fails, it can cause a lot of pain. 

You can reduce the pain with the help of a pair of custom orthotics. These provide your foot with relief and when the foot is in the proper alignment, that will work well to provide the body with less strain. When the whole body is in alignment, you will notice a lot less pain too. 

Protection of the Joints

When you jump or walk, you put a lot of force and stress on the joints of the feet. This is actually more than just the amount that you weigh at the time. Your feet, and the joints of the whole body, will be in action all the time. This is why it is impossible to stop all of the wear and tear. You may find that the wear and tear is worse when you have misalignment issues.  

Those who suffer from issues like flat feet, are overweight, or tend to walk a lot, are more likely to have a higher amount of wear and tear on their joints. To address these problems and protect the joints better, you should consider a pair of custom orthotics to see if those will work well for you. 

Custom orthotics are offering an exceptional amount of support to all parts of the body. They can do this by distributing the load on the feet evenly across the surface. They can absorb the intensity of the impact when the feet hit the ground, reducing the joints from getting exposed through a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure. 

Improve Your Athletic Performance

Major Benefits of Custom Orthotics You Should Know

Another benefit that you will be able to leverage from a pair of custom orthotics is that you can get them designed to help you perform better as an athlete. Athletes typically need to have additional support because they put a ton of strain and pain on their joints that can be hard to fight off. Custom orthotics can help out with this and protect the feet. 

As we talked about earlier, custom orthotics are really good at distributing the load of the body across the surface of the feet as evenly as possible, reducing the stress that you feel on the joints and improving your balance at the same time. All of this can prove to be very beneficial for an athlete. 

One feature of a custom orthotic that can be useful for an athlete is that they will absorb the shock that you take on when jumping or running around. This provides some additional protection to the joints for athletes so that they are less likely to get injured and can continue to participate in the sports or the activity that they want, without all the pain. 

Choosing the Right Custom Orthotics for Your Feet

Custom orthotics may not work for every person, but they do have the power to really strengthen your feet and put them back into alignment. If you are tired of your feet being in pain or having to deal with the issues of improper alignment, take a look at the benefits above and then choose to get a good pair of custom orthotics to help. 

In this article, I covered the major benefits of custom orthotics you should know. These include that they offer more support for your feet, reduce pain, protect the joints, and can improve athletic performance. 

I am wearing custom orthotics myself, and it removed my chronic Achilles tendon pain for good. I can strongly recommend to get yourself tested and some orthotics. 

Take good care of your body, it’s the only one you have. 

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