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Positive Thinking for Fitness and Well-being

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Few days ago we published the article How to Use Positive Thinking to Improve Fitness and Well-being on

The main idea of this article is that typically we cannot influence the circumstances of a certain situation that we find ourselves in. But we are able to influence our attitude towards the situation, how we take it and how we react. Taking it in a positive way via positive thinking can be very powerful. Many studies -- as we mention in this article -- show that positive thinking can have significant effects on physical health, such as improving our immune system, prevent chronic disease, accelerate recovery or help coping better with worrying news. 

To summarize our article,  the solution to many challenging situations is so simple and so hard. Applying positive thinking is a very simple yet very effective problem solving tactic. But it is also hard because too often we are too involved and too worried to be able to take a step back and to find the positive angle. Positive thinking, eventually, is like a muscle that needs to be trained and challenged consistently. It will work and it is worth the effort. Read the whole article here

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