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What Ice Climbing Can Teach About the Principle of Specificity and Generality

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We published the article What I learned from Ice Climbing for Life on

Climbing ice is a tough but wonderful activity. If you take the time to reflect a bit, a lot of lessons can be drawn for life from it. In the article, we summarize some of the key lessons such as the toughness factor, how to deal with the mental stress, the importance of the right people around you, especially the Principle of Specificity, and how to find your N.U.T.s. 

Read the whole article here

The counterpart to the Principle of Specificity is Generality. The whole idea of 4 Legs Fitness is build a good general foundation of health and fitness in order to establish specific skills like ice climbing on top of it.

Read more about this in our book From Healthy to Athletic: How to Master the 4 Ingredients to Superior Fitness.


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