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Creatine and Sleep: Does Creatine Make You Sl...

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Creatine and Sleep: Does Creatine Make You Sleep Less? Creatine is a mainstream supplement in fitness. A less considered aspect is its effect on sleep. Check out this article which covers this: Top Takeaways: - Seems Creatine indeed may shorten deep sleep. - However, Creatine ingestion may acutely offset some of the adverse effects of sleep loss. - While most people use Creatine daily for several weeks to enhance exercise performance, you might also consider using Creatine acutely as an alternative to stimulants like caffeine. - If you take Creatine and it messes with your sleep, you may want to take it in the morning. - If you feel the sleep disruption impairs your health and performance, you should probably stop taking it. #HealthTip

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