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Omega 3 Health Benefits
Omega 3 Health Benefits
Omega 3 Health Benefits
Omega 3 Health Benefits

Omega 3 Health Benefits

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Why we chose this product

Omega 3 Health Benefits: Omega 3 from fish oil is known to reduce inflammation and to accelerate recovery. It is a must for an athlete to stay in the game. 

Our Omega 3 is pure fish oil responsibly and sustainably sourced from Wild Alaskan Pollock. 

Considering all of this, we concluded that the GoPrimal Omega 3 product delivers an unmatched value for money.

Benefits for the athlete

Hard workouts result in micro- lesions appearing throughout our muscles, which can lead to inflammations, delayed recovery and cause typical muscular pains. By consuming omega 3 fatty acids on a daily basis, recovery times can be sped up and the muscles’ protein synthesis can be improved.

How to use it

Take 2 capsules daily, preferably with a protein. rich meal or as recommended by a physician.

For people with 12 years or older.

Nutritional info

  • 2000mg pure fish oil (80% concentration)
  • 1500mg Omega 3, of which 800mg EPA, 600mg DHA, 100mg other Omega 3
  • No colorants or artificial flavouring

More details

Athletes and active people are exposed to physiological stress often leading to inflammation. This study from 2019 proved that supplementing with Omega 3 is one of the "effective nutritional countermeasures."

If you want to read more about how we see nutrition and supplementation as part of the 4 Legs of Fitness model take a look at Third Leg: Nutrition

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helps me to get my healthy fat levels right

This product is a convenient way to increase my healthy fat levels. And I only have to swallow 1-2 capsules per day instead of 4-5 of other products.

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great against inflammation

This is the best fish oil you can buy,. third party certified, clean, pure and really good price. I couldnt train without this as my joints get quite inflamed.

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Good price

I usually buy the more expensive oils but they’re getting too pricey, this Omega3´s are just as good as the more expensive fish oils and at a reasonable price.