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Spartan Race Preparation Program

Conquer Your Doubts, Ignite Your Strength:

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Tempted to run a Spartan Race? But you don’t know how to prepare?

Wanna feel this incredible sense of accomplishment? But it sounds too scary? Do you feel insecure if you can do it?

You're not alone. 

The Problem?

What do you need to optimally prepare for the race, so that you survive without injury and have fun?

How can you get rid of some doubts?

The Solution:

Introducing the Spartan Race Preparation Program

Your Training Plan to Be Physically and Mentally Ready.

✅ Guided 3-month training plan

You will be guided through a 3-month training program with workouts that improve your endurance, upper body and core strength.

✅ Nutrition advice for optimal performance

You can learn from a nutrition guide about the right things to eat.

✅ Blueprints, guides, and workbooks

You will have access to other guides and blueprints that exactly explain all in’s and out’s of Spartan races, habit forming and developing mental toughness.

✅ Expert and community access

You can get advice from experts and access to a community.

✅ Mobile app and explainer videos

You can consume all that content including exercise videos with our mobile app.

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What Our Users Say 💪

"It’s exactly what it says on the tin. 
Covers all aspects of optimal race preparation."


"The program is really very practical. I got a lot of valuable tips that will help me in my preparation."


“The workout program is well structured. I specifically like the additional guides and worksheets.”


What Awaits You As You Tackle This Challenge?


Say goodbye to doubt, hello to unshakable self-belief. 

Strength and Endurance

Access a grueling training program via our app. 

Mental Resilience

Develop the mental fortitude to push through challenges. 


Join a community that understands your journey, shares your fears, and cheers for your triumphs. 

🎁 Bonus

Enroll today to get the Spartan Race Completion Blueprint, nutrition habit forming, mental toughness guides and related workbooks, and expert advice.   

Ready to redefine your limits and wipe out your fears? 

Seize this opportunity to rewrite your Spartan story.

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Below Is Our App In Action

Keep track of your progress all in one place!

Your dashboard shows your workouts and progress, access to blueprints and guides, and your coach's contact.
This is an example of one workout. 

They typically have different sections. 

The focus is on core and upper body strength and includes cardio elements. 

And lots of burpees !
Guidance through the workout including sets and reps.

Exercise demo videos. 

Take notes.

You Also Get Expert Blueprints And Guides

As part of the Spartan Race Preparation Program, you also get access to a range of guides and workbooks. 

That includes the Blueprint to a Successful Spartan Race Completion, a nutrition guide, habit forming guides, and one that truly stands out: the How to Develop Mental Toughness Guide and related workbooks.

Who Am I To Tell You All Of This?

I am a health and fitness enthusiast, coach, author and creator of the Spartan Race Preparation program. 

I completed many races and all sorts of sports competitions -- among them numerous Spartan races. This year I will run my 10th obstacle course race. 

I converted all my experience and knowledge into this program to help you prepare optimally for your race. 

I am also the creator of the underlying 4 Legs of Fitness model, which I published as a best-selling book. Find out more about my story.


One Last Thing: Some Stories From The Trenches

Some of our subscribers shared some amazing stories with us, which we want to share here with you.

Story 1: Energy Gels and Diarrhea

"Some of my friends were raving about energy gels -- you know these little sachets that you carry with you that contain a thick sugary liquid. They are supposed to be amazing and give you an incredible energy boost rapidly. I’ve never tried them before. And I wish I wouldn’t have tried them during an obstacle race for the first time. A boost they gave me but not like I wanted. I had to run and find the next toilet as these gels gave me rapid diarrhea." 

Lessons learned: 

Never try anything new, which you haven’t tested before for the first time in the race! 

This is one of many principles that we teach throughout the Spartan Race Preparation program. It’s literally related to everything. Wear only shoes, socks, shirts, sun screen, gloves etc. that you have battle-tested before. 

Gels as mentioned in this story are actually safe. But still there may be products that your body reacts to in unforeseeable ways. So, better try them before and if they work, then stick to the same product.

Story 2: Muesli Bars in Unusual Places

"I usually take a little emergency snack with me. Unfortunately one time, I chose running shorts without pockets. So, I had nowhere to put my muesli bar except just directly into my underwear. Backside. So far so good. It’s fine. It’s wrapped and it’s only for me in case of emergency. 
Well… I was running with a friend. Suddenly, he had severe cramps. Could not run any more. We concluded it's a lack of sugar. So I had an idea… 
I offered him my muesli bar without him knowing where I carried it. Maybe TMI. But these unpredictable things happen in races all the time and it saved my friend’s race. After the muesli bar the cramps were gone and we completed the race."

Lessons learned: 

Exactly like this person wrote: Races are unpredictable.

Especially in Spartan races you not only need to be physically fit but also mentally. You may have to cope with unplanned things and then show some creativity, adaptability and resilience. We summarized this as mental toughness and another key ingredient that we cover in the program. You’ll get access to a detailed guide and workbook to improve your mental toughness. This is a skill that is useful far beyond just a Spartan race. 

And back to the muesli bar: yes, that may be a little disgusting. But in hardcore situations, you will have to modify how you value things.


If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us.