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best protein for muscle gain
best protein for muscle gain
best protein for muscle gain
best protein for muscle gain
best protein for muscle gain
best protein for muscle gain
best protein for muscle gain

Whey Protein (Sourced From Grass Fed Cows)

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Best Protein For Muscle Gain: Hydrolyzed Whey

GoPrimal 100% Hydrolyzed Whey is one of the most effective protein products. It's the best protein for muscle growth and is optimal for recovery.

Top Benefits

  • More effective building of lean muscle mass
  • Easier absorption
  • Very few carbs
  • Almost complete removal of lactose
  • No bloating. No stinking

Why We Chose This Product

Protein is the main material used to build and repair our muscles. So, what is the best protein for muscle gain? You wouldn't build your house with brittle bricks. Same is true for nutrition and building muscle. That's why we chose the best protein product available.

The GoPrimal protein is hydrolyzed whey, which is the purest protein we can get. As opposed to a whey concentrate or isolate, hydrolyzed whey goes through a more complex (and expensive) production process including a careful filtration of unwanted components such as fat, sugar or lactose.

The GoPrimal hydrolyzed whey product is one of the very few protein powders on the market with pure ingredients, no filling agents, and really zero sugar.

GoPrimal only uses clean and high-quality sourcing from grass-fed cows in Ireland. There the average herd is max 70 cows. Due to the gulf stream climate and temperature are mild with lush and nutritious meadows. Cows can be kept outdoors almost the whole year. This guarantees the best foundation to source a high quality protein product.

Considering all of this, we concluded that the GoPrimal whey protein delivers an unmatched value for money.

Benefits for the Athlete

Because of the more diligent production process of GoPrimal's hydrolyzed whey protein, all unwanted components are removed. As a consequence, your body can digest and absorb it easier and much faster, leading to a more effective building of lean muscle mass.

Because of the total removal of lactose, you will not suffer from uncomfortable digestion, no bloating, no farting (and stinking).

The GoPrimal whey protein is one of the most effective proteins available for the best value-for-money.

How to Use It

Mix 1 scoop (30 grams) GoPrimal whey protein with 200-400 ml water, plant base drink or milk. You can take 2 shakes a day especially on a workout day. One to maintain your optimal protein levels and another one after your workout to assure tissue and nutrient replenishment. Make sure you complete your diet with healthy greens so you can optimize the absorption of nutrients and fibers.

Nutritional Info

best protein for muscle gain

More Details

If you want to read up all the details of how protein works and why it's important to improve effectiveness of your training, take a look at our article What's All the Fuss About Protein for Improving Performance and Body Composition?

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Top Geschmack

Top Geschmack, löst sich super und ich vertrage es wirklich gut, hab keinen aufgeblähten Bauch mehr wie bei meinem alten Protein!

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my favorite

I’ve been using a lot of suplements, and finally goprimal are my favorite. Good taste, price and quality.

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Highly recommended

I've found this to be the best protein powder on the market for me. Really like the shakes and definitely help supplement my protein requirements. Highly recommended

Spain Spain

Nice product, clean with no digestion issues so all happy!