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A Unique Retreat: Climbing, Health, and Fitness on Greece

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Primal Climb Interactive greece kalymnos climbing camp health fitness

In collaboration with Joe from Kalymnos Primal Climb we are happy to announce the 10-day climbing, health, and fitness retreat on Kalymnos, Greece (October 9 to 18, 2019):

Primal Climb Interconnected

This retreat is a unique combination of the 4 Legs Fitness concept, leveraging resistance training, cardio, nutrition, and recovery to form the foundation for the Primal Climb concept that covers climbing basis and specific, advanced topics.


Primal Climb Interconnected climbing greece kalymnos health fitness


Please find an overview in our Camp Brochure. Or find find a detailed description on our Primal Climb Interconnected page.  

You can sign up at For questions please contact us at

See you in Greece,

Joe and Manfred 


If you want to stay in touch with us or want to know more about Primal Climb Interconnected, join our community: 

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