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Primal Climb Interconnected: Climbing and Health Camp in Greece

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Welcome to Primal Climb Interconnected
A Unique Retreat Combining Climbing, Fitness and Nutrition

On this page we present all the info you need to understand what value our camp offers and how to sign up:

Here is the same info as pdf document.


Introducing Primal Climb Interconnected

With Primal Climb Interconnected we offer a unique climbing retreat (October 9 to 18, 2019) on Kalymnos, the beautiful Greek island that is considered a climbing Mecca. We are fusing climbing, fitness, and nutrition into a holistic concept for outstanding well-being and health.

You will get most out of it, if have had some exposure to indoor or outdoor climbing, fundamental knowledge of sport climbing safety, belaying other climbers, and experience with climbing equipment. Find more details in the prerequisites section.

Here is a summary of the main benefits of Primal Climb Interconnected:

  • Build a rock-solid foundation of vitality through a program of climbing-focused health and fitness.
  • Learn and improve both mental and physical climbing skills.
  • Integrate the knowledge to transform your health using the four pillars of fitness: strength, endurance, nutrition, and recovery.
  • Learn the tools, methods and techniques to benefit your well-being as a climber and athlete long after the completion of the camp.

Sounds interesting?

Read on for more details or register here:

Description of the Camp Elements climbing health fitness training Greece nutrition meditation relax retreat

In our Primal Climb Interconnected camp we cover three main areas:

  1. We help to build a solid foundation of fitness that is made up of four pillars: strength, endurance, nutrition, and recovery.
  2. On top of this foundation we make sure that the climbing basics are mastered.
  3. Building up on the basics of climbing we address a range of advanced climbing topics that will help every camp participant to improve her or his areas of focus.


We cover these three main areas in the following sessions distributed over the ten day camp:

  • Climbing movement & technique training
  • Tactics to cleanly climb challenging routes
  • Fall training
  • Climbing well despite fear and nervousness
  • Mental training
  • Endurance climbing
  • Drills to improve your climbing
  • Active recovery with yoga, stretching and mobility
  • How the 4legsfitness concept can help improve your performance
  • Effectively setting and achieving your goals
  • How to tailor your nutrition to achieve the results you want
  • Setting up an effective strength training protocol
  • Extending strength training to a broader fitness regime
  • HIIT vs LISS: what’s the better type of cardio?
  • The importance of recovery (especially sleep) and practical tips to improve it
  • Breath work, meditation, yoga and stretching
  • Review session and camp reflection

Planned Timetable

The timetable below is a provisional timetable. We do not expect any changes but at the same time we want to be flexible to best accommodate the group.

A typical day will start with an optional group breakfast. Between 09:00 and 10:00 we’ll start the morning climbing session till about between 13:00 and 14:00. Then we’ll have a lunch break and start the afternoon session usually between 16:00 and 17:00, where we’ll cover fitness and nutrition aspects. These afternoon sessions are typically a short input by us and then practical exercises and self-awareness/self-study.

After the last session of the day, everyone is welcome to join in on optional dinners. We will arrange various dinners in awesome locations on Kalymnos and Telendos. The rest we’ll arrange as a group on the spot. In addition, we will have one full day of climbing in a slightly more remote location.

We will also have one full rest day to recharge our batteries. Finally, there is a lot of other stuff to do during your free time such as kayaking, trail running, yoga, meditation, massages, or simply relaxing on beautiful beaches. climbing health fitness training Greece nutrition meditation relax retreat


Below are some impressions of our favorite restaurants and taverns in that area. For more details about climbing in Kalymnos check out Lydia's Ultimate Guide to Rock Climbing on Kalymnos. climbing health fitness training Greece nutrition meditation relax retreat 

Benefits for Participants

As a participant of the Primal Climb Interconnected camp you will receive the following:

  • A curriculum of active, informative sessions spanning climbing, training, lifestyle, nutrition, health, and general fitness.
  • Active group-focused topics covering the full range of physical, emotional, and mental aspects of sport climbing.
  • Practical tools and techniques to improve fitness and health such as setting goals with goal cards, developing solid nutritional habits, and ideal strength and cardio training plans.
  • Optional individual or group activities, such as group meals, visiting beaches, sea kayaking, trail running, message, yoga, etc.
  • Spending an awesome time with great people on Kalymnos -- the climbing Mecca of Greece -- a magical, unspoiled, affordable location.


With the Primal Climb Interconnected we will address foundational elements of health, fitness nutrition, training and recovery as they relate to an athletic, climbing-based lifestyle.

As prerequisites we expect every participant to have some exposure to indoor or outdoor climbing (minimum sport grade 5) and a strong desire to learn, explore and further develop this relationship. Those taking part in the camp should have fundamental knowledge of sport climbing safety, belaying other climbers, and experience with the basic climbing equipment.

Attendees in the camp should bring their own climbing shoes, climbing harness, helmet and chalk bag. Ropes and all other climbing hardware will be supplied for the group. However, some participants may want to bring and use their own material and gear -- which is of course completely fine.

For those who are interested yet apprehensive about their personal climbing experience, please contact us to arrange some pre-camp private climbing sessions to ensure that you can make the most out of the group-based climbing activities.

Camp Coaches

Joe Fratianni and Manfred Bortenschlager joined forces to create Primal Climb Interconnected. They will jointly deliver the complete program. climbing health fitness training Greece nutrition meditation relax retreat

Joe is the founder of 

He is internationally certified in all climbing and alpine disciplines and professional member of AMGA. He has been climbing on Kalymnos since the first routes were made on the island. He lives seasonally Kalymnos running courses & climbing camps, coaching and guiding from April through early November.

Here you can find his detailed bio. climbing health fitness training Greece nutrition meditation relax retreat

Manfred is founder of

He is health and fitness specialist with certifications in various areas. Always eager to learn and improve himself, he has prepared for, and participated in numerous competitions and sports projects, including martial arts, weightlifting, crossfit, obstacle races, high-altitude alpinism, and motorbiking. All his experience and knowledge has culminated in the formation of the 4legsfitness concept.

He describes the details of 4legsfitness in his bestselling book From Healthy to Athletic: How to Master the 4 Ingredients
to Superior Fitness.

Here you can find his detailed bio.


Logistics and Cost

Enrollment is limited to a small group of participants to guarantee the best coaching and personal interaction, ensuring that each participant has an exceptional experience.

The full 10-day camp is EUR 685,-

The camp fee does not include the cost of flights, accommodation, drinks and meals, or any other type of transportation. Find more details in our Terms and Conditions. Soon after registration you will receive more detailed information from us about transportation and transfers, accommodation options and travel tips.

Reserve your spot in the 2019 Primal Climb Interconnected camp on Kalymnos! Places will fill up fast!

Register here:

Why Primal Climb "Interconnected"?

We are fusing both our complementary concepts of Primal Climb and 4legsfitness into one retreat that will offer all attendees a unique experience and a lot of knowledge to lead an athletic, vibrant and energetic lifestyle. The fusion of our respective areas of climbing, health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle is what led us to call this ten-day event “Interconnected.”

In addition, we designed the retreat such that all the various camp elements are interconnected offering the best inputs in order to help each participant get the most out of the program -- growing, learning and challenging yourselves. Finally, there will be plenty of opportunities for participants to informally connect and interact between yourselves and with us.

We are looking forward to having an awesome time with you in Greece!


Joe & Manfred



For questions please contact us at or register for the Primal Climb Interconnected camp here:



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