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Introducing a Guided Program to Improve Health and Athletic Performance

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In a previous article we discussed health as our most important good. Too often we only notice, when it's absent. When we are sick or have an injury. So, we better take serious care of our health. Appropriate fitness and nutrition are two aspects that considerably improve our health and well-being. 

Many areas are important to improve fitness and consequently health. We created our own model describing the 4 legs of fitness: health well-being fitness strength cardio diet nutrition recovery muscle training happiness

It is not always easy to integrate the various necessary activities into a busy life. And with 4 Legs Fitness we created and offer a way to better execute these activities -- even though you may not be a full time athlete or sports professional. It make superior fitness and health achievable for "normal" people with everyday lives and a full time job. 

As a step further, we are currently working on a new program. This program offers customized plans for people who are serious about improving health and fitness and want to leverage a guided program integrating all 4 legs into one comprehensive plan. 

It is important that all our plans cover all 4 legs of fitness as indicated in the illustration above. However, depending on someone's goals and current condition, the emphasis will vary between the areas. Also the specific activities associated with one leg will vary. In order to create customized plans, we first always go through a detailed goal assessment together with a client. 

With our program we can cover six specific goals: 

  1. Improve general fitness: It's for people who are generalists and who seek to improve athletic performance in a broad spectrum of fitness. For this, CrossFit's definition of fitness is very appropriate.
  2. Become healthier: It's for people who are looking for a lifestyle that helps improve health, feel better, have more energy and vitality, and generally be happier and live longer.
  3. Become stronger: Helps people whose main goal is to increase overall strength.
  4. Reduce body fat: Helps people who do not just want to lose weight, but specifically want to lose body fat and at the same time become fitter and live healthier.
  5. Improve physique: It's for people who want to look better and further lean out by adding muscle and reducing body fat.
  6. Other: This is an open category for clients who require specific coaching to prepare for a specific event or to improve sport specific performance. For that, we run a different and more targeted assessment. If this is relevant for you today, you can also already reach out to us directly.

We help our clients achieve these goals via three different plans with different levels of personal guidance and check-ins. health well-being fitness strength cardio diet nutrition recovery muscle training happiness


Nothing valuable comes easy. But with our new guided program we are convinced that superior health and fitness will come easier.


We've launched the program on November 22. You can check it our hereFor any other feedback or questions, add a comment below or contact us directly.

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