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Setting the Scene for 4 Legs Fitness

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The four areas of the 4 Legs Fitness concept are designed to help increase your fitness and well-being by providing practical advice that works -- based on science. All four legs are important and related. Depending on your goals, the activities for each leg need to be aligned in order to succeed. We will help you decide for the right goals for you and then integrate the corresponding activities into your life.

It is really key, and we want to stress that, you must cover all four legs. Like a chair becomes unstable if a leg is missing or if the legs are of unequal length or strength, also your fitness program and lifestyle becomes unbalanced. You won’t achieve your goals.

Before we discuss the four legs, here are a couple of general notes.

Do what works for you and what you enjoy. There are many theories and programs but it will only work if you follow through consistently. Consistency is key to every training or diet program. That’s why it is important that you like what you do -- otherwise you will stop too soon. If you don’t like something, change it.

Another effective tip is to work together with a friend, partner or even a group. It is amazing how much further some group pressure can push you. Also, it’s just practical to have a spotter who can encourage you to crank out one more rep and can also correct your form.

And finally -- for the real fine-tuning -- training is even more effective if you establish the muscle-mind connection. Research showed that strength and gain can be increased more by fully concentrating on the muscle that you currently train (source). And also Arnold approved -- so it must be right. 

In further blog posts we will dive deeper and provide more details for every leg of 4 Legs Fitness concept: resistance training, cardio, nutrition, and recovery

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