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Why Thai Boxing is Great for Cardio

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4legsfitness thai boxing cardio

Generally, every established martial art is a great way to exercise as it covers many aspects of training. Such aspects include endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination, strength, or technique.

We especially like Thai boxing (or Muay Thai) because it is a very comprehensive discipline with a large diversity of very effective techniques. It is also referred to as the "Art of Eight Limbs" because the techniques include the use of fists and kicks impacting with the shins, but also elbows and knees. Thai boxing is a combat sport that goes over various rounds. We mimic that also in training: several minutes work with short rest periods in between. In different rounds we often focus on different aspects including refining techniques, pad work, conditioning, combinations or sparring.

There are, of course, plenty of schools and clubs around. One concept that we found especially effective is offered by Everest Mindful Thaiboxing in Barcelona. Their concept is more holistic, goes beyond just Thai boxing and includes breathing techniques, stretching, meditation and mindfulness. 

Thai boxing training is typically broken down into rounds. Due to this structure, Thai boxing essentially serves as an effective HIIT workout. You can use it to cover the second leg of our 4 Legs Fitness concept, which is cardio. And sometimes it is just great to hit stuff and relieve some steam.


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4legsfitness thai boxing cardio

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