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Superior Health & Fitness Seminar
Superior Health & Fitness Seminar

Superior Health & Fitness Seminar

Health is our most important good. Increasing our level of fitness also considerably improves our health and well-being. 

Based on our concept of the 4 legs of fitness, we offer bespoke seminars that cover all areas important to improve health and fitness, which we also describe in our best-selling book

  1. Resistance training
  2. Cardio
  3. Nutrition
  4. Recovery

Based on the seminar participants' goals and current conditions, we customize the focus of each seminar. Everybody will get most out of it.

We will equip the participants with knowledge, tools and practical recommendations to continue to journey to superior health and fitness in a self-sufficient way.

Typically, the seminar runs for two days in person with a lot of practical elements for about five participants.

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