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Home Bodyweight Workout Plan

QuarantineFit.Life A Bodyweight Workout Plan For Home

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For everyone fed up with the quarantine: 

QuarantineFit.Life delivers daily workouts and health hacks to emerge fitter and healthier from it than you entered.

What will the QuarantineFit.Life program do for you?  

  • No searching. No guessing. Every day you receive carefully crafted workout routines.
  • No need to spend money on equipment. All our routines use bodyweight exercises.
  • Everything is crystal-clear. We explain all our exercises with stunning videos.
  • You are not alone. Our app offers a built-in messaging functionality to contact a coach.
  • You will learn a lot about health. Our daily tips cover a range of uplifting topics including nutrition and relaxation.
  • We help you form wonderful habits that will help you live a healthier lifestyle beyond the quarantine.
  • You will come out of the lock-down fitter, braver and wiser than you entered.


We offer two plans. They only differ in duration:

Bodyweight workout plan for home


Here is what our customers say: 

Home Bodyweight Workout Plan
Home Bodyweight Workout Plan


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Find out more

We have a couple of great resources, if you'd like to find more info about what exactly QuarantineFit.Life includes:

  1. Our article How To Stay Fit And Healthy Despite Quarantine describes detailed benefits of the program.
  2. Our article How To Use Our Home Exercise Program includes videos about the app and how to use it.
  3. Check out our two videos provided below. The second shows our app in action.

Or for any other questions, feel free to contact us.


Home Bodyweight Workout Plan


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