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The 4 Legs of Fitness: A Health and Fitness Program That Delivers Results

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complete health and fitness program 4legsfitness

Our idea behind 4 Legs Fitness is to present a comprehensive lifestyle concept, which is one ingredient to well-being, health and satisfaction. I spent the last several years to create and refine this model. I also managed to publish this in an international best-selling book.

A Complete Health And Fitness Program

4 Legs Fitness is a complete health and fitness program. I call it the 4 legs of fitness because four areas are essential for fitness. Like with a chair, if a leg is  neglected or even removed, it gets unstable or even useless. The same is true for our health and fitness.

The four legs are:

Resistance Training 4legsfitness
Cardio 4legsfitness
Nutrition 4legsfitness
Recovery 4legsfitness


My book From Healthy to Athletic: How to Master the 4 Ingredients to Superior Fitness describes the 4 Legs Fitness concept in detail and is available on Amazon. This post is the first part of a series in which I provide a bit more details and related best practices.

Everything is science based and I cite the corresponding research. These posts (and the book) is written to provide practical recommendations that you can integrate into your busy life next to a full time job to improve fitness and well-being. It helps especially those who don’t have a fitness or sport related occupation. Nevertheless, if you are a fitness professional, athlete or fitness model you will benefit from my programs and the book too.

Our Mission Is To Provide No-Fluff Fitness Stuff

In further blog posts we will dive deeper and provide more details for every leg of 4 Legs Fitness concept: strength or resistance training, cardio, nutrition, and recovery. In the next post we set the scene with some general tips. 

complete health and fitness program 4legsfitness

First Leg: Strength

The first leg of fitness covers aspects around strength and resistance training

Second Leg: Endurance

In the second leg I describe the different forms and impact of endurance or cardio training. 

Third Leg: Nutrition

The food we eat fuels our body. Nutrition is critical and forms the third leg. 

Fourth Leg: Recovery

Finally, way too often recovery if overlooked leading to over-training and potentially even injury, which is exactly what we want to avoid. It forms my fourth leg.  

How To Start Your Fitness Program?

You can get all the details and also free access our training plan tool in our book. Interested? Take a look at my book page. Based on the same principles I am also offering the Achieve Superior Health & Fitness Online Courses online e-learning courses.

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