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A New Experience: Deep Water Soloing deep water soloing climbing Primal Climb Interconnected camp Greece

We talk a lot about general health and fitness following our 4 Legs Fitness model including four essential areas: resistance training, cardio, nutrition and recovery. We use this to create a solid foundation for any specific type of sport or exercise. Everything starts from this foundation and is also referred to as the Principle of Generality.

Climbing is an excellent example of a specific activity based on that solid foundation of fitness (Principle of Specificity). Today we cover a very specific type of climbing, which is incredibly fun, too: Deep Water Soloing.

Pure Climbing: Deep Water Soloing

Deep Water Soloing (DWS) or from Spanish psicobloc (literally translated as "psycho bouldering") is basically free soloing with no security but just a lot of water underneath. It was born out of the Spanish island Mallorca and gained world wide popularity. There are also DWS competitions.

The entry barrier to go DWS is very low. There is one golden rule which is: to never go alone. Not only for safety but it is simply also more fun. Check that the water is deep enough and try routes that other climbers have climbed before. Watch out for jellyfish (goggles are a useful piece of equipment which you can carry with you easily while climbing). Another useful tip is to jump first -- before you actually start climbing -- from the cliff to take away the fear of falling. Chalk and chalk bag are not really useful for obvious reasons unless you use liquid chalk.

Other than that, it is just the rock, your shoes, you and your ability. Very simple. Very minimalistic and because of this also often referred to as the "purest form of climbing." 

Apart from that, DWS is simply great fun to do in a group and to hang out spending the whole day together outdoors in the sun. There are great places around Barcelona on Costa Brava. We joined the excellent Crag Rats BCN for our DWS trip who cover all the logistics and safety. 

Finally, DWS is a great addition to any other sport or trad climbing activities, which positively influence each other. The better your are in sport climbing, the better you'll be at DWS, and vice versa. This is all related to climbing specific skill. The better your general foundation is, the easier and faster you will find building up the specific skill. 

We offer this combination of general health and fitness with climbing in our climbing camp in Greece: 

Primal Climb Interconnected

With Primal Climb Interconnected we offer a unique climbing retreat (October 9 to 18, 2019) on Kalymnos, the beautiful Greek island that is considered a climbing Mecca. We are fusing climbing, fitness, and nutrition into a holistic concept for outstanding well-being and health.

Within the ten day camp we are going to cover general fitness in line with the 4 Legs of Fitness, climbing basics and advanced climbing topics. This camp is a collaboration between Kalymnos Primal Climb and

For more info get more details here or contact us at deep water soloing climbing Primal Climb Interconnected camp Greece

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